Monday, September 26, 2011

MMPC || Fall

This week has been CRAZY getting together all the stuff for the new blog design and making a new facebook page! It's been insane! But i'm really happy with how it turned out :D
Now for the theme!
The theme is FALL!
Now here in Uganda we don't have any seasons, well except for rainy season and dry season. But I have a picture from last year that i really love :)

Here is my entry-

-One photo per person please.
-You can link up using your blog or flicker, or anything else.
-The photo needs to be taken by you, and you only.
-All photos need to be appropriate.
-You need to link up to the direct post/photo.
-If there is more then one picture in your post, please specify which photo you are entering.
-Please comment on at least 3 other entries.
-Each photo needs to be linked back to Captured Moments photography or has to have the button in the post.
-Entries need to be linked up by Saturday night.
-If it's still Saturday there and you'd like to enter and the linky thing is closed, email me your entries at
-Since we have limited internet, if you're going to email me your entry please re-size you picture to LESS the 500kb! Thanks so much :)

Here is the button :)

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  1. Quick question: does the new rule apply just for if we email you our photo or for all entries?