Friday, June 22, 2012


I have finally gotten my iphone unlocked in a kinda sorta way! I can use it like an ipod touch, but not a phone! But the key here is that it's USEABLE! And of course the very first app i got was instagram :D I LOVE it!! So so so thankful for a "working" iphone :D :D! Here are some pictures that i've taken on instagram :)

Iced coffee from mom and rainy mornings//Walter's beautiful smile//Peeta loves avocados//Beautiful morning//Parks and Rec with the Beck family//Coffee, school, and doodles//Cross stitch lessons with mom//Cutting up old magazines//Hagen chillin' on the swing//Inspiration board//A truck full of beer bottles tipped over//Heavy Weights

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Watoto Babies

A few post ago i told you what we were doing in Uganda, which is volunteering at Watoto Babies' Home Gulu
I can't help but smile each time i walk into the babies' room to wake them up and get their diapers changed. Their faces always light up when we come in and whisper 'Time to get up, sweet babies!'

I thought it was high time y'all saw some pictures of these wonderful little babies <3

Rose and Jacinta
Melissa staring intently at her toy
James looking rather smashing in his outfit!
Sweet Rose <3
Dorcas was rather bored
Nelson has beautiful eyes!
They are so beautiful!
Daniel <3
Happy Nelson
Melissa, Stewert and Vicky
While all the other babies where having a blast, Melissa refused to smile :P
I love this little boy!
Sweet Patrick <3
My mom playing and singing with the babies!
Laura playing with the babies
Annie, Alice and Lonah
Adorable Daniel!