Photography Goals

    1. Make a facebook page (accomplished October-5-2010)
    2. Get 10 followers (accomplished..unknown) 
    3. Get 20 followers (accomplished May-31-2011)
    4. Get a DSLR (preferably a Canon Rebel T1i)
    5. Enter a photography contest (accomplished April-29-2011)
    6. Place in a photography contest (accomplished May-7-2011 click HERE to see)
    7. Have a paying session
    8. Get 1st in a photography contest (accomplished May-11-2011 click HERE to see)
    9. Get 30 followers (accomplish July-12-2011)
    10. Go to Europe (I guess that’s not really a photography goal…)
    11. Get 50 fans on CM facebook page (accomplished June-29-2011)
    12. To someday get 100 followers!
    13. Make an OFFICIAL website
    14. One day own Photoshop/Lightroom (accomplish August-9-2011!!)
    15. Start a weekly photo challenge (accomplished May-16-2011 Monday Moments
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