Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Siblings :)

So some of my best models are my siblings! They are so funny! These pictures totally capture their personalities :) I love my family so much! And i love to capture each memory of our..crazy life.




Photo of the week

The rainy season has started here in Uganda!! So what do i do when i'm not at the school, or doing school, i sit outside or at the window and with a good book in my hand and a warm cup of tea at my side :) Before we left the States i found my love for coffee, which i can't have here. So i replaced it with tea! Which is also quite yummy <3
I hope to post more pictures soon, but the internet here is weird so i can only upload pictures at the end of our internet month, so i'll post more soon!
But i'm sorry..i'm such a terrible blogger, but i promise i'll try and get better :P
So keep your eyes open for more pictures ;)


So our house help Mama Benna (just click on the link on her name to read more about her) everyday brings her little boy Solomon (but he only responds to Kingy) and he is the SWEETEST little boy! He loves to sit down and watch me do my math (who knows why, but he does.) And he waits for me to finish my school, then grabs my finger and pulls me outside. But he is a very sweet boy! And a pretty good model :)
And i'm really sorry it's taken me so long to update..I'm a terrible blogger!

Align CenterI'll try to post some more pictures later :)


I took these pictures awhile back, and when i was going through my pictures found them and decided to post them :)
The one with the red hair is my sister Laura.
And the other one if my cousin Katie :)
I love these girls so much <3
I hope you enjoy!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Photo of the Week

So our 2nd week here, our water went out. Which means SQUATTY POTTY! So fun! For those of you who don’t know what a squatty potty is, it is pretty much a hole in the ground. So I was going to write a post about that happening for my ‘Photo of the Week’ but then I realized, it didn’t happen this week. Then last night, while I was taking a shower, the water suddenly went off! So I went to tell my mom, and sure enough our water was off. Yay. Which means SQAUTTY POTTY!! Usually the water is out for a week, but we have a reserve tank, so it’s only out for a couple of days (thank the Lord!). But at the school all the have is the oh so wonderful squatty potty. But since the water is out, we can’t boil water, take baths or showers, wash our clothes, or do the dishes. Well we can do some of those things, but we have to use the Jerry Cans (a big jug full of water), but once we empty those, we have to go about 20 minutes from here to refill them, which cost money. Oh yay..this is going to be fun week!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Picture of the Week

Uganda is amazing! One of my favorite things about it is the kids! I'll be walking down the street, and i'll hear "Bye Mzungu!" (which means crazy white person ((they mean it with affection)) ) But they are always so happy! Where who knows what their life is like! But they are filled with joy! It's amazing! I love it so much, and i can't wait to see what God does!
Check out my other blog to see how our first couple of days went here :)