Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My homemade notebook

A while back i decided that i wanted to make a notebook! It's somewhat hard to find a 'pretty' notebook in Uganda, so i was going to make one of my own! I looked up online notebook tutorials and came across plenty, but i didn't like how any of them looked. so i ended up doing a notebook binding tutorial that i found on youtube, and coming up with my own cover. I did this a couple months ago and was planning on posting about it, but truth be told i forgot :P So now low and behold my homemade notebook :)

click HERE for the binding tutorial that i used
It's a multiple video tutorial, by the way :)

I cut the pages so that looked jagged and torn :)

After binding it, i cut a piece of leather the size of my notebook, glued it to the spine, then i sewed a strip of leather to the back and voila!
What do you think?

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Set Free

The wind rushes past my window, sending the pages of my notebook flying. My mind is filled with words and pictures, my personal inspiration board. My desk is where my imagination soars. I close my eyes and allow my imagination to take over. I block out the noises around me, letting go of all my worries and fears, and allowing my imagination to wrap itself around me like a warm blanket on a cold winter night. I glance out my window and watch the leaves of our banana tree be beaten by the wind. The sky is cloudless. Empty and alone. I look back down at my notebook and write.

I enter the imaginary world i've created. The world in which i can escape to when I'm afraid. I let my imagination be carried by the wind. To fly to the sky, over oceans, to the peaks of the greatest of mountains, to the deepest of the seas. When it returns, it tells me of it's journey. The sights. The smells. The people. But it also tells me of the tragedies. Of the wars. Of the crying. Of the dead. I quickly write down each word of it's tale. I draw maps and people, homes and empty lands. I lean back in my chair and smile at my work. I've created a world. A world of pure imagination. 
My desk is where stories are written. Where drawings are sketched. And where worlds are created. My desk is where my imagination is set free.

The giving tree

I love Snape <3....

....Very very much <3