Thursday, May 19, 2011

MMPC top 5 || Black & White

Ok so i'm really sorry i didn't get this post up yesterday! In case you don't know, we live in Uganda. Our internet has been really weird lately, so it wasn't working most of the day. Then our power went out for most of the night :P
It was terrible!
First off I want to thank everyone who entered! I wasn't expecting to get this many entries :)
I enjoyed looking at everyone's pictures! They're so beautiful <3
Funny thing is that i got exactly 5 entries, so i could actually have a top 5!
So here it is: the top 5!!

I really like the swan on the water! And i'm pretty sure that it's snowing in this picture :)
I think this picture is so beautiful <3
(Katie emailed hers in)

I really like this picture, but i don't know what it is that i like about it :)
I guess i really like the randomness of the boot :P

I love this one! I love his excited face!
So cute <3

I really really like this picture! I love the lighting, and the girl's face :)

I love this picture! I love the sky in the background, and the rocks :) Beautiful!

Top 5 you can get your button here!
Thanks so much for your wonderful entries :D
You can vote for your favorite picture over at the sidebar.
Next monday i'll announce the winner and post the theme for that week.
Please tell fellow photographers about my photo challenge, i would love to see their entries :)

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