Sunday, April 1, 2012


'Man with the funny mustache' also know as Adolf Hitler
Words are silly things they can be used to give others inspiration, encouragement, and love. But they can also be twisted to hurt, push down, and bite others . I believe God gave us the privilege of speech to worship and talk to Him, but as time went by we took that privilege and ruined it, we spat harsh words to others.  We took that privilege and made it into poison.  Words are powerful more powerful then we think.  Many people came to power by words.  For example, the man with the funny mustache began with words.  His reign of power all started with simple words, and i'm sure you know of the  pain his words caused.  He used his words and planted them in others minds, making them think thoughts that were not their own. Telling lies and twisting the truth.
The power of words can be a dark thing.

Mother Teresa <3
But words can also be used for good! Missionaries all around the world use words to share the good news. We know how to live because of the words that were written in the bible. Mother Teresa used her words to whisper into little children's ears as they cried. "I love you," she'd whisper, and even though the baby couldn't understand, they could her the kindness in her voice and know that she cared.  Words can be used to encourage like a father saying "Good catch, son!" as they play catch. But they can also be used to push others down. Some may call others ugly, fat, weird, boney, loud, annoying, nosey, stupid, and other cruel things.

But that is not what God wants us to use this wonderful privilege He has given us. Inspire others with your words. Encourage others. Pick others up, don't push them down. But most importantly talk to and worship our wonderful Creator! Think of those that have abused you with words and stop right now and pray for them and yourself. Pray that God would change their heart and to help you forgive them. If you want you can write them down and pray for them every so often. Instead of getting mad at them by spitting hurtful words right back, or even thinking about mean things towards them (even though no one else can hear God does and that's all that matters) don't be like them be like Christ and pray that God would heal the wounds that their slashing tongue has given you and to help you forgive them. Also pray that He would help you to control your own mouth and use your words to help others. Now i'm not saying i'm a perfect person and i have tamed my mouth and only speak good words! Oh no i don't! I have a bad habit of speaking then thinking and regretting, NOT thinking BEFORE speaking! I pray thought God would help me to honor this privilege that He has given me, and use it for good!

Something that might help you forgive those who have hurt you is to make a list of all the people who have said nasty things to you, then scratch that list out with a pen and write in big bold letters GRACE! This may be hard, for some of those people may have hurt you very much, but remember to show the grace that our dear Savior has shown us. And honestly we all have broken others with hateful words, like friends, siblings, parents. 
It may hurt, but we need to show the same love that Jesus showed for us.

Words are powerful things. Use them wisely.
And remember think before you speak.


  1. Wonderful post, Melissa! I felt very encouraged when I got done reading it. :)

  2. What you've said is very true. Words can be used in any which way and we need to be careful in how we use them. The last point about scratching out the mistakes of others is a really good idea i think. This was a really good post!