Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Me :)

Hi i'm Melissa. I've loved photography for as long as i can remember! I got my first camera when i was 10, and i fell in love. It wasn't the nicest camera though. So i saved up to get a better one, and on my 13th birthday i did :) But it just wasn't good enough. So i got a babysitting job. And saved up for a couple of months, I didn't buy anything at all. Then this year on my 14th birthday, i got the camera i've been wanting. I couldn't believe what i was holding in my hand. I began to cry. I love taking pictures of nature, random objects, and people. My older sister Kate, and my younger sister Laura are my 2 models :) I love doing computer graphics also, so i like playing with the pictures i take :) I hope you enjoy my photography, and watch me improve. Enjoy :D

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