Friday, October 12, 2012

The Redheads

For as long as i can remember whenever we'd go out in public we'd always be stopped and people would say, "Oh my goodness what beautiful red hair!" it's true my sisters have GORGEOUS red hair, but i was the only one with blonde hair. Growing up i took the beautiful red hair comment personally, but now i just laugh anytime people say it, because i'm used to it and i truly just find it funny now :)

i love having red headed sisters because, with just the right lighting, their hair practically glows! Which is just picture perfect :D So yesterday i gathered all the girls up and we went outside and had a photoshoot!
Hope you like it!

This one is my favorite
Ah she's so beautiful!

She's gonna be a model!! I've totally called it ;) 

We told Annie not to smile and this is what we got...a frowny little girl :P

she's so adorable!
Oh i love this one too!
This one pretty much captures their personalities

 Which ones were your favorites??

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  1. Wow Melissa! Your sisters look very beautiful with red hair. Where did they get it from? The last set of pictures are my favorites. ;)