Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spero Clothing Sale

Even though the title is Spero Clothing Sale...everything was free. My family and i volunteer at The Spero Project. Lately Spero has had SO many clothes!! More then they can handle! So we had the idea to take some of the clothes to Jaime's Landing where we help refugees with English. We had racks lined up and were busy hanging up clothes, but before we were ready, a flood of refugee moms came in. They would pick out clothes, take them home, put them on their children, and come running back to show us them wearing it. We only did kids clothes that day, but soon we are doing clothing for the adults. It was so exciting to see all the happy parents! By the end of the day we helped 44 families, and gave out 800 articles of clothing. Even now when we go over to Jaime's Landing, moms come running out, dragging their child behind them, pointing at their shirt and then at the Language Lab where we held the clothing giveaway. It was so much fun! Here are some of the pictures i took of it.

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